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Through STS Designer Inks, STS Refill Technology partners with OEM manufacturers to develop special customized formulations. Our R&D department will happily take the challenge to create the ink you need for your printer or special application.

Equiped with a state of the art lab and production facilities, STS Designer Inks is the answer to your special ink needs.


Have you been looking for a quality replacement ink for your wide and large format printers? Maybe, you have been searching for a less-expensive alternative to buying OEM replacement inks for your industrial printer or even for your household printer. If so, you are in luck. Our premium wide format ink is a perfect match to OEM quality!.


STS Refill Technology is a worldwide leader in design, manufacturing, and distribution of ink refill machines. We also offer a wide array of Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS) to help customers increase productivity. Our products and services provide a way for businesses and individuals to cut costs and make money while sustaining high quality and performance.

Our Ink at STS Refill Technology emphasizes on superior, cutting-edge chemistry and production technology to deliver inks that perfectly match OEM printing specifications.  We provide ink for wide format printers and desktop models such as Roland, Mimaki, Seiko, Epson, HP, Mutoh, Cannon, Lexmark, Sharp, Dell and Samsung. We have in stock Eco-Solvent, Light Solvent, Low Solvent, Pigment (UV), Dye and Edible Inks. STS INKS is an Israeli based Company that supply superior ink.


- Quality control ensures batches are uniform and consistent.

- Complete line of stock and custom ink solutions.

- Guaranteed high quality ink.